Ladakh & Zanskar

A Photo Adventure

AUGUST 20-31, 2018

Ladakh and Zanskar are enormously interesting visual environments that offer an amazing experience for the photographer and explorer. This high-altitude slice of the Himalaya is sparsely, yet colorfully populated, with its long history of Buddhism reflected in remote monasteries and small Tibetan villages.

The goal of this adventure:

1) To become a better photographer through learning from two professional photographers who have been making images and film for decades, all over the world; and 2) to enjoy and experience this fascinating part of the planet.

This 5-minute video of images during my trips over the past four years shows the incredible opportunities to expect from your adventure to India's high Himalaya.


Opportunities for image making exist virtually every where, in the people, the faces, and the intense daily energy of Ladakh and Zanskar. It can fairly be said that this piece of India is superbly active, with a wonderful elegance of light, color, and humanity.

Participants will come to understand the culture through the use of cameras. At the end of most days, depending on travel schedules, we will assess and critique what is learned throughout the workshop.

This adventure isn’t about equipment; rather, it is about learning how to see. If all you have is a point and shoot camera, that is fine.

Cameras do not take pictures; people do.

This trip and the process of learning isn’t about the longest lens or the most expensive camera, but rather the fundamental feature of image making . . .

that is, YOUR eye on the world.

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William Thompson & Sarah Waters