WILLIAM THOMPSON Photographs MOUNT EVEREST and THE TOP OF THE WORLD Virtually thousands of images such as the ones presented in this website were created while flying around Everest (Chomolungma) in an especially outfitted Lear jet as well as a Swiss Pilatus Porter (which was flown to take these images to 28,000 feet with the door open). The images presented are but a small selection of the shoot. The actual flying took place over a period of three months undertaken during periods of intense storms creating super dangerous flying conditions. In some of the images one can almost visualize the curvature of the earth The transcendent beauty of this tallest piece of the earth is unparalleled. The images cover not only Everest but the entire neighborhood of massive peaks that make up this tallest region of he world. On these flights images were made from every conceivable angle and perspective including looking directly down on the summit. The flights included circling the summit numerous times on one occasion in order to develop a library of fantastic super high resolution black and white photographs in addition to the color images..