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Seasons Of The Cowboy

I presently have a gallery show entitled Seasons of the Cowboy.  I have included 11 very large images.  You can walk up to these images (see below, click on them and they will become much larger) like “Tommy, the cowboy” or Kate, “the Aussie Cowgirl” and simply feel the presence of these individuals.  Cowboys are an anachronism, or are becoming one, in our culture.  The west as we understand it was formed around this iconic figure and in fact, I photographed the Marlboro Man for 18 years contributing a different slant to the icon.

In any case the icon and his ranch environment is disappearing into the dust of history as the large ranches, those not owned by movie stars and other magnates who can pay the taxes, are being converted into ‘ranchettes’ or little pieces of a ranch.  The landscape of the Madison Valley in Montana, for example, was once a gorgeous flow of land, and grasses and trees.  It is now becoming a sea of little houses for vacationers.  The history of the west is changing quickly.  The cowboy is disappearing yet the icon remains, and it is my belief that all we are going to have in a few years is the icon.