Photography, video, image making and creativity


I have invested the last 30 years shooting for many venues.  I shot Bill Gates when he was a kid for Time Magazine and it propelled me into a career for 11 years with National Geographic shooting stories on the Kathmandu Valley, Mt. Everest for the 100 year anniversary, I spent two years shooting elephants in Africa and Asia.  I made images for four very successful Smithsonian stories such as the The Southeast Asian Rhino (in the Terai of India and Nepal). My commercial work includes being a primary photographer of the Marlboro Man for 18 years; shooting Wells Fargo for 4 years as well as Boeing Airplanes, United Airlines, and so forth, the clients list is endless.  Sometimes I am admittedly envious of my own history but the fortunate part is that I have traveled most of the continents of the world and explored life as it is in other worlds. How lucky I have been.

In recent years I have also been directing major TV commercials for many corporations (go to my website: and review the directors page.

My studio and my home (a wonderful log home) sit next to the water on Puget sound. And after all many years of constant travel I have decided to stay closer to this wonderful and lovely environment where I can literally walk to the water to fly fish for salmon and sea run cutthroat trout, or be skiing in an hour and one-half. I can now run off to direct and shoot a film for a client such as, for example, Intel – this year we traveled to England twice, to Germany, to Hong Kong, Singapore and Portugal as well as many place in the US. The important point is that these adventures do not take months; yet they are fulfilling and fun.

I continue to create interesting still imagery as well as work through the endless editing of a sea of photographs from years of work (I have 26 four drawer file cabinets of images of the world).  It is important to note that my commercial work has never gotten in the way of my creative investments in journalism and art. I have at least one gallery show each year, and give talks about the work I have done worldwide. I have never lost my fascination to journalistically define the crucial moments in human life… in a strange way there is little difference in the excitement of shooting a wedding in Bhutan and one in Maui.  Thus, I have, for amusement, started shooting weddings in addition to my commercial work… go to my website: and note the journalistic rather than staged nature of the work.

And, check out my photo adventure teaching program to North Vietnam in March for 14 days.

The great joy of making images knows few boundaries for me… an exciting and enlivening life venture and it CONTINUES.

Follow me on Twitter:  @williamthompson

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