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Join Me On A Photo Adventure To North Vietnam

In March I am taking a group of 12 image makers to North Vietnam for 14 days.  We will high grade the enormously visual environment by traveling and shooting in Hanoi (incredible lively environment), then to Sapa in the mountains of Hmong country (Red and Black Hmong villages) staying at the Topas Eco-Lodge, ultimately taking the night train to Hanoi and on to Hal0ng Bay to film amidst the remarkable karst ‘islands’ of this World Heritage site.

Each day is a ph0t0 adventure whereby every participant will work with me personally to learn to see through the eyes of an ex-National Geographic photographer.  But this adventure is not just for the experienced photographer.. it is an adventure in learning to see and perhaps see differently.

Please visit my site PhotoAdventureVietnam to see imagery and read in detail about this photographic learning and traveling experience..

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