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Canon 5D Mk ii, Canon 7D video and stills

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A year ago I was in a discussion with the president of my son’s University (Quest Canada) about the nature of their website. In my kindly and generous way I said I would fix it pro bono. Whoa… too generous but a commitment had been made – a huge job and a year later but it is done. The connection here is that the entire project, the videos, the stills were all created on these two Canon cameras. There were almost 40 videos and over a thousand stills. The quality and ease of use of these tools was and continues to be astonishing.

I stayed away from all the add-on tools that one can buy… I had an assistant part of the time but the imagery was created often on the go without a lot of pre-planning. I used the cameras’ monitors to focus and the sound was brought into the cameras as well (there are noise issues but it has more to do with the air conditioning and other mechanical “gray sound” in the background and I didn’t have the time or inclination to do something about it given the time constraints). Tools do not make great images or film obviously and I am not suggesting that this is great work. What I AM suggesting is that the tools were easy to use as always, substantial in terms of ergonomics. I never had to worry.

What more could I ask. In fact, I also use these same tools on my large commercial shoots – TV Commercials and Videos for clients such as Intel and GE – but with a ton of wires and Marshall monitors and external sound capture (sound guys, lighting geeks and so on). The great thing, however, is to have fun in the process of building a website or a video or a still that communicates. These tools were essential to the process and because of their ease of use I was allowed to stay totally focused on content. I do not want this to be construed however that the cameras were key to any of the success in any of my work, they are not, they are adjuncts. It is just that these are necessary adjuncts and good ones at that. I am not nor will ever be an equipment monkey in any form, however I did want to note that these tools effectively fit into a very skinned down approach to the work that I had to accomplish in short periods of time.

So, peruse the website. ( It isn’t finished at this moment deeper into the site but the critical part that has to do with “recruitment” is clear and clean.

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