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Video and the Canon Mark II (WOW!)


Canon 5D Mark II and its video capability: On a recent shoot for Intel which I was directing (and shooting as I like my images to look the way I want them) I employed the new Canon 5D Mark II its video mode.  The Canon images were shot along with two JVC video cameras.  The JVC imagery is excellent and very sharp, but unfortunately the ability to creatively use depth of field does not exist.  When we finally completed the edit using imagery from all three cameras, the Canon images were the most widely employed.  In a sense, they were almost awesome in character.  It is also a wonderful aspect that the files from this camera can be dropped directly in the editorial timeline with particular relevance to the fact that we were using Apple Final Cut Pro.

The Canon is not a flexible video camera because it difficult to focus and other issues such as the fact that defining the F-stop is almost impossible in a practical, on location, actual shooting environment.  However, all that being said, the images from the large chip were exceptional.  We loved the look, we loved the abililty to use the excellent Canon lenses.  I will say that in my commercial applications I will use these Canon 5D Mark II bodies on every shoot.  I also intend to make a film completely with this camera, with the appropriate amount of time I feel it could be excellent, the biggest issue being sound which while the camera can record, the quality leaves a lot to be desired.  If I could change anything in the camera it would have a flip out monitor as some other cameras (The Olympus E-3 and others) so I one would not have to crouch behind the camera to see the content.  I would also love to have it be able to autofocus in a more reasonable fashion that it presently does.

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  1. tomsalisbury

    This is a most interesting dialog about the use of the Canon. To be able to do a shoot where hi def video and stills are possible with the same tools is extraordinary and I feel will define the future of a more versatile and interesting presentation of images and communication

    May 6, 2009 at 1:34 pm

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