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New Videos to Change the World

In the last couple of years I have been working on little inexpensively produced films that hopefully “make a difference that MAKES a difference”

The first is a film to help get women off the streets of Seattle and into transitional housing entitled “Veronica”.  It was created in conjunction with the Peter  Howland at the Edge Creative in Seattle and it was very effective in raising money (and it won a couple of Telly Awards).Screen Shot 2013-03-12 at 4.00.20 PM

The second film is about the issues confronting Still Born children and the film title is Born in Silence.  Charlie Watts and I were co-creative directors and Andrew Watts of Watts Media Seattle did the edit.  This film is designed to help families, doctors, hospitals and so forth come to terms with a hidden but huge issue (this video also won Telly Awards).

Screen Shot 2013-03-12 at 4.03.59 PM

The third film was just completed and ,again, it was a co-creative directorship with Charlie Watts.  This film looks at the issue becoming a national burden… Alzheimer’s disease.  We explore in this film this issue but through the lens of art therapy.  Of interest technically with this film is that instead of all the monster cameras and lenses I used a simple setup, a Sony NEX-7, and a Sony NEX-5.  The tiny nature of this cameras with the quality of image… well, see for yourself.

Screen Shot 2013-03-12 at 3.58.20 PM

These films can be seen on my website:

Ladakh and Zanskar film

I just created a new” film” depicting Ladakh and Zanskar.   In  July and August of 2013 I will be teaching a course on Visual Anthropology at Quest University Canada… well, the course is offered by Quest but the course will actually be taught in Ladakh and Zanskar.  The course will teach students the use of cameras and video equipment such that they can create contemporary monographs attempting to bring a greater understanding to the human condition through the discipline of cultural anthropology.

I will bring to the process my 11 years of work with National Geographic to help guide the students to maximize their visual tools in the process of anthropological exploration.

This video provides a quick vision of what one can expect visiting this fascinating corner of the earth, virtually all of which, I might add, is above 11.000 feet of altitude.

The “film” was shot with the new Sony Nex cameras and lenses and edited using Final Cut X.  Fantastic “tools” for anthropological work.

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Video produced by Edge Creative (Peter Howland), Seattle, Washington to raise money to help bring women off the streets of Seattle into transitional housing. Video and Stills by William Thompson, partially edited by William Thompson. This piece is an award winning production as well as creating substantial donor support.


Mt. Everest Video

Video highlighting the first and only high-altitude film documentation of Mt. Everest. Originally shot in 1983 for the National Geographic Society and Boston Museum of Science.

Mt. Everest on Xmas Eve

These images of Mt. Everest are being shared on this Xmas eve 2011… Interestingly, these were both taken on Xmas eve 1983 for an article on Mt. Everest for the  National Geographic.

Happy Holidays

Future Photo Adventures! Where Would You Like To Go?

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Join Me On A Photo Adventure To North Vietnam

In March I am taking a group of 12 image makers to North Vietnam for 14 days.  We will high grade the enormously visual environment by traveling and shooting in Hanoi (incredible lively environment), then to Sapa in the mountains of Hmong country (Red and Black Hmong villages) staying at the Topas Eco-Lodge, ultimately taking the night train to Hanoi and on to Hal0ng Bay to film amidst the remarkable karst ‘islands’ of this World Heritage site.

Each day is a ph0t0 adventure whereby every participant will work with me personally to learn to see through the eyes of an ex-National Geographic photographer.  But this adventure is not just for the experienced photographer.. it is an adventure in learning to see and perhaps see differently.

Please visit my site PhotoAdventureVietnam to see imagery and read in detail about this photographic learning and traveling experience..